The mystical attractiveness of the Weisshorn peak soon stirred mountaineering  enthusiasts of the SAC into action. In 1868 the Geneva section started a project for a hut but abandoned it soon after.

Two mountain guides from Randa then built a refuge for 10 persons (about 50 m below the current location of the hut). They however got into financial difficulties and therefore sold it to the Mt. Rosa Section of the SAC for the price of CHF 1510. As from1883 the refuge was falling apart and in such a desolate state that it was even removed from the catalogue of huts in 1891.

The owner of the Hotel Weisshorn and a few mountain guides from Randa requested a new hut to be constructed. After careful consideration the Basel Section agreed to build a hut at Hohlicht, an already recognised location in the area. The hut had 23 places and cost CHF 8506. It was inaugurated on 9 July 1900.

In 1975 an extension was built, increasing the capacity to 30 places. In the winter 1981/82 an avalanche heavily damaged and moved the hut, requiring it to be repaired and put back in its place. In 1988 electricity was installed.

In the last decades new external toilets were built, the water supply was completely overhauled and the hut renovated. Moreover the original approach path via Schatzplatte was re-opened.

Luzius Kuster was hut warden from 1967 until 2017. He was the longest serving hut warden in the Swiss Alps! As from 2018 Jacqueline Rossé Berchtold and Hanspeter Berchtold will be the new hut warden.


Am Weg zur leuchtenden Pyramide. Das Weisshorn und seine 100-jährige Hütte.
Luzius Kuster/Ernesto Perren
Rotten Edition, Visp